About Us

Food Craft School originally began as art, craft and basic fashion designing course in the premises of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mangalore in 1986 and functioned there till 1993. From 1994 onwards the activities shifted to Bangalore with the adding of more short term and crash courses  and emphasis on culinary art and cookery craft.

Profile of Co-ordinator/instructor:

Leena_FoodcraftLeena Crasta is a culinary expert and Chef trainer,  Art and Craft teacher, Motivational speaker and trainer for women micro and small-scale entrepreneurs with over 25 years of experience.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Home Science besides various vocational courses including Drawing grade examination, Karnataka Secondary Examination Board, Govt of Karnataka; Tailoring and dress designing Course, Board of Technical Examination, Department of Technical Education, Government of Karnataka.

 She has undergone several short term course in bakery products, fruit and vegetable preservation and nutrition conducted by the community Food and Nutrition Extension Unit, Union Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Women and Child Development, Food and Nutrition Board, Southern Region, Bangalore;  Cosmetics and Toiletries, Small Industries Service Institute, Union Ministry of Industry, method of art education for children,  soft toys making,  glass painting and other art and craft courses.